Jetson bot visited the Science Center!

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A Jetson based advanced robotics platform to help teach robotics to University's and High schools.

Apollo TimbersApollo Timbers 04/10/2016 at 01:520 Comments

*Jetson bot visited the Science Center!*

Jetson bot had a showing at the Star wars first Friday. I had a computer set up so people could drive the robot around. I posted some videos of the robot on YouTube here is the Link. I learned a lot going and I’m glad I did. I have started a new design revision for the robot and will be making a separate page for it.

I have learned rather late in the game that the robot needs to be taller by “a lot”. So I will be adding a bit of extruded aluminium and raising the new height to 38″ or so. I will also be adding a few new sensors, one I’m really excited about!