CAD Drawings (Solidworks)

A project log for Trapezoid

A Raspberry Pi powered digital photo display unit

Austin MarandosAustin Marandos 04/11/2016 at 03:330 Comments

Since I used perspex I needed a way of creating the files that were to be sent to the laser cutter. I used solidworks for my cad drawings, I firstly made a 3D model of my entire design to ensure that everything fitted. I also had to create every single circuit that I used in my design in 3D in-order to make sure that they fitted.

Note: The holes for the power switch, USB, Ethernet and Headphone jack had to be calculated all on the CAD drawings, this was essential since I needed to ensure that I could access all the features of my Pi

Entire 3D design:

Overall Orthogonal view

Individual 3D circuit boards:

Raspberry Pi:

LCD Control board ^^