Printable Test Strips

A project log for Universal Glucometer

Did your test strips just get more expensive? Has the drug store run out of strips for YOUR meter? Like to be able to use any test strip?

Tom MeehanTom Meehan 09/05/2016 at 23:180 Comments

I came across this completely by accident but found it very exciting.

The idea began as a student project at Clemson University in South Carolina and they then went on to form a company Accessible Diagnostics LLC. They are currently winding there way through the regulatory process with the FDA.

A great article covering the development of this method is on HealthLine Printing Low Cost Glucose Test Strips Paper . The major parts needed are an injet printer and custom filled ink cartridges.

They've also developed a inexpensive screening method for diabetes:

This makes all sorts of ideas come to mind...