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A project log for GHz Signal Generator

A flexible signal generator based on the AD9914 DDS chip. Striving for lab-quality noise figures and supreme flexibility.

logan-cummingsLogan Cummings 01/05/2016 at 02:301 Comment

Work has resumed on this project after a long hiatus due to time constraints, etc. etc. etc. - check out the smaller project I have being fabbed at OSH Park right now:

I was able to get most of the Easy-PHI template added to the schematic - an Altium version of the template module will be an unexpected but rewarding side-effect of this project. I am doing a fairly faithful reproduction of the KiCad schematics - part because no importer but also to gain familiarity with the template circuits. It's based largely on an Arduino Due but there are lots of features for use in a high-end physics test platform (central 10MHz clock, RF connectors by default, Eurocard sizing and connectors, etc.) which made it very attractive as a starting point.

Check those out on github and thanks for all the follows and skulls!


l.crocella wrote 07/18/2016 at 12:34 point

Much interesting. I have hard work on arduino plarform with pll like ADf4350 and other and can share programming work to obtain AD9914 DDD ghz generaror. regards Luigi

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