Where are we today ?

A project log for [2016] InternetS of Energy - Call me DAISEE

Decentralized Autonomous Interconnected Systems for Energy Efficiency - A blockchain based energy DAO

Paul Fl 04/25/2016 at 09:430 Comments

As winter and the deadline for the first challenge are coming, it is time to state how advanced we are today (2016-07-19). Moreover it's been a while since we haven't post something about our advances its because... we're trying to progress !




The related documentation :

Lot of work has been lead by @Sam @Louis Villard and @Paul Fl on soft and hardware.

Extensive work has been lead by @Nicolas Loubet @Rieul Techer @Aude Omn and @xavier on the ecosystem and community building around te DAISEE project.

Carry on following the feed... more logs to come.




We will use a Citizen Watt board to measure and tokenize the energy production and consummation : this is basically a current clamp connected to an home made customized Arduino (ATMega368 based PCB).

On a Raspberry Pi, we will manage the blockchain capabilities (via Ethereum), the smart contract between actors, allowing a smart and decentralized governance.

Planning of the project

Step 1

We use each room of a house to act as various actors in a simulated energy market.

Step 2

We scale up the POC to a few houses to create a real small energy market, some actors producing energy, some other consuming, and some actors doing both.