DAISEE - Anything Goes: Mission to Mars

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Decentralized Autonomous Interconnected Systems for Energy Efficiency - A blockchain based energy DAO

Rieul Techer 07/19/2016 at 17:350 Comments

Anything Goes challenge : define the constrains and the vision of DAISEE on... Mars ! Yep... "Anything Goes". here is the related video:

Why Mission to Mars ?

Basically,SpaceX aims at sending people on Mars and we'll be needing to build the energy infrastructure on Mars in a way that is more sustainable and resilient than on Earth.

More over, Tesla is building the future of energy storage infrastructure and energy distribution network complementing the "well-known" "conventional" grid or micro-grid.

Then we think that, given the conditions on Mars and the necessity for energy production and distribution, DAISEE could be the future of the energy infrastructure on Mars.

Energy basics on Mars

Grid infrastructure basics

What's you thoughts about the feasibility and technical constrains on Mars to build this infrastructure ? You might have some ideas about how to work it out ?

We thought about this Mars project because it makes it possible to really think out of the box the potential application of DAISEE in a both new and known environment: new since it put some more constrains that we are not used to deal with, known because Mars is a planet with limited ressources as we know it on Earth. Thinking and building DAISEE on Mars, enables to think about innovative ways to distribute and exchange energy.

We would be glad to heard about your thoughts. Please let us know.