DAISEE 0.7 - DAISEECamp #1 : Get to know the local experimentation context

A project log for [2016] InternetS of Energy - Call me DAISEE

Decentralized Autonomous Interconnected Systems for Energy Efficiency - A blockchain based energy DAO

Rieul Techer 08/21/2016 at 10:570 Comments

After both the #compteurconnect and the #blockfest hackathon, it is time for us to build stuff related to a local and concrete experimental context. That's how the DAISEECamp #1 was build: in order to define in which context and how the current DAISEE development can interact with the local relality of the ground.

As a result, we found a potential experimental ground with a local (near Lyon) group of households including Louis' father house. The documentation (in French for the moment we do are sorry about that) can be found HERE.

The experimental context ground

An picture is far more representing than a bunch of words...

Basically, the set of houses are located remotely from the town in the country side with some really interesting assets for experimentation :

Picture from @Nicolas Loubet - 16/07/16 - CC-BY-NC-SA.

Picture from @Nicolas Loubet - 16/07/16 - CC-BY-NC-SA.

Picture from @Sam 16/07/16 - CC-BY-NC-SA.

Note: The UPS can be connected via Bluetooth. Unfortunately, the bluetooth module is not installed, and it is not possible to get back the date via bluetooth for the moment.

Moreover, there is a local project about building a distributed solar powerplant divided around 10 site of 9kW each.

What is energy and what do we want to do here with DAISEE

The aim of this session was to clarify what energy is, what are the interest of the contributors in the DAISEE program and what are the next steps.

What we've done during this Camp

Picture from @Sam 14/07/16 - CC-BY-NC-SA.

It turns out that data from the EmonPi (OEM) does not seem relevant. Even if the EmonPi is not connected, is still mesure a 34W power. It can be the sensibility (noise) of the sensor. We have to check if an AC/DC adaptor can improve reliability.

Discussion about the DAISEE's orientations

This camp was also the opportunity to discuss the relevance of the blockchain technologies for he DAISEE project.

It turns out that the blockchain technologies are part of the solution but have current limitation that make them not fully relevant for the energy sector. Some points are: