DAISEE 1.0 - Energy sensor enabling virtual transaction on a local Ethereum blockchain

A project log for [2016] InternetS of Energy - Call me DAISEE

Decentralized Autonomous Interconnected Systems for Energy Efficiency - A blockchain based energy DAO

Rieul TecherRieul Techer 09/29/2016 at 19:060 Comments

There are mainly 3 steps to build a local micro-electricty sharing network (and when we mean micro... we mean real-micro - 3 nodes with small solar panel and consuming devices such as smartphones or bulb connected to electricity meter connected to a local Ethereum blockchain - does it sound comprehensible ?):

This log is 1.0 since it concerns the prototyping of the all system at the micro-scale.

Hardware step : CitizenWatt + Pine64+ + Arduino

Note: we use Pine64+ because we tried to use Raspberry Pi III to make ethereum Geth client running and make it possible for transaction to diffuse, but it turns out that it was not possible to mine on a Raspberry Pi III.

Software step : Local Ethereum nodes + Smart Contract + Sensors' communication

Infrastructure step : Production + Consumption + Arduino (for automated switch)

This phase is still under construction and concerns only the micro-scale prototyping. For real scale prototyping (micro-grid scale) we are under discussion with some grid operator to test the solution with few houses (if consistent with the finding of our micro-scale prototyping phase).

The principle is to have various sources of production and consumption connected to an Arduino switch with is connected to the various PINE64+ that gather and manage consumption and production data. The switch is activated by the consumer that need electricity. The switch is controlled by the output of the smart-contract: who gives what to who ?

We come with more news in this log as soon as possible.

Note: for the sake of the experimentation we'll do our best to test in real usage conditions. However, at first we'll simulate the production and consumption data.