Quantity   Component name
5 × CitizenWatt v1.1 Sensor CitizenWatt energy monitoring sensor v1.1 - OpenHardware (http://www.citizenwatt.paris/). For one sensor you need: 1 CitizenBoard v1;1, RA (22R), R2 ans R3 (470k), R4 (1K), R5 (10k), R8 et R12 (510R), C3 et C5 (10uF+), C2 et C4 (0,1uF), Jack3"5, Atmega328P (28-3), Support CI (28-3), Y1 (16MHz), LED1 (3mm, rouge), LED2 (3mm, verte), Headers femelle (40pins), Headers male (40mins), NRF24L01+, tension regulator (3.3v), battery (3*AA, 2 wires), battery (AA*4 2400mAh), charger. Price/Unit: PCB were given to us, components account for around 50€.
1 × Open Energy Monitor One OEM energy monitoring device: https://openenergymonitor.org/emon/ - OpenHardware The OEM is based on a custom raspberry with 6 USB connector, 1 ethernet connector, 1 antenna connector, 2 CT Sensors and A AC Adapter. Price/Unit: 230€
1 × Computer A computer to test ethereum install and energy data / blockchain management scenarios
3 × Raspberry PI 3 Includes The Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Vilros Raspberry Pi 3 Clear Transparent Case With Easy Access to all ports Sandisk Micro SD Card Preloaded With NOOBS --16GB (CLASS 10) & Micro SD-SD Adapter 2 Amp Eu Power Supply--Designed for Raspberry Pi HDMI Cabel--Set of 2 Heatsinks (1 Big 1 Small), Price/Unit:64.99€
3 × PINE64+ https://www.pine64.com/product , Price/Unit: 29.95€.
4 × Arduino It is used to make the connexion between the Pine 64+ and teh CitizenWatt sensor
1 × Arduino Relay Switch XBEE http://www.elecfreaks.com/wiki/index.php?title=2_channel_Relay_Shield_For_Arduino_(With_XBee/BTBee_interface)
1 × Solar panel 12V, 1.5W, Sol5N, Velleman (24.90€)
1 × Charger 12V charger (from trash)
1 × Computer screen To see what's happening on the PINE64 or the Rasp
1 × Bulb Typical bulb to show/visualize transaction and physical switch for electricity orientation. Can be replaced by a smartphone charger.
1 × Small Wind Turbine Power Capacity (@Rotor speed of 2000 rpm): 1W; Direct Output Voltage (@Rotor Speed of 2000rpm) DC 100mA, Start-up (rotor starts to turn) wind speed: 1.6m/s); Cut-in (generator starts generate electricity) wind speed: 2.2m/s