Presentation done.

A project log for /dev/analog0

Primitive analog output device for a Raspberry Pi.

Steven ClarkSteven Clark 05/14/2016 at 23:480 Comments

I've done the presentation, and it worked with flying colors. About the only person who's project might have been more ambitious is the guy who made a complete enough shell we couldn't think of a command it didn't have access to.

I think I'm going to hold off on posting any source code until I have a grade. Just in case the professor would get fussy about finding it online somewhere.

Also I think I've got a good application for this. It's probably one of the cheaper ways to add analog audio to a Pi Zero. Depending on how much an I2C DAC costs compared to a resistor network. Maybe a later driver can actually hooki into ALSA, although I'm sure for some applications just cramming the samples into /dev/analog0 works great.

If anyone's Interested I could put down a schematic for what version 3 of the hardware would look like.