Simplifying the ultrasound imaging debugger

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Using a Raspberry-based hardware and software development kit to understand ultrasound imaging

kelu124kelu124 05/11/2017 at 20:050 Comments

Lots of water under the bridge. Since the last post! This project was born a year ago when I wanted to split a bigger board into smaller modules. I went on exploring different options, combination of modules, hardware, probes, motors, and DAQ (from STM32s to Beaglebone PRUDAQ, passing through onboard smaller ADCs), which yielded lots of interesting results. I really enjoyed exploring all of this, and really learnt a lot. Who know I'd do this when 18 months ago I didn't know anything about electronics hardware (or at least had forgotten all from the golden age of my studies?).

Anyhow, the goal here is simple. I need a "exploring tool" to explore ultrasound systems. I have built several versions with Murgen, and have made the proof that it's possible to have a small ultrasound machine in your garage. However, I found more pleasure in building the tools and in the process of digging into the different components.. and that's what I want to explore in this project.

Hardware is basically already built: previous lessons from Murgen bring the analog front end, a hack I have can be used to emulate a probe: what remains is to remove overkills on the circuits, and SIMPLIFY everything, making it more robust and more user friendly.

The second step will be to have a good driver for the Raspberry Pi (which I believe is enough for my needs), to control the hardware, and develop a good enough server API.

Once this is done, I'll be happy to test it with probes like the ATL probes I've been debugging, with doppler probes projects here and also to explore this chinese probe of mine.

So, on with this project, and see if cross-pollination works =)