Making a cheaper pulser

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Using a Raspberry-based hardware and software development kit to understand ultrasound imaging

kelu124kelu124 08/30/2017 at 19:440 Comments

Part of this project is a pulser module - its aim being to generate the high voltage necessary to generate the inital accoustic wave for ultrasound imaging, with severe constraints in terms of voltage, impendance, and duration. 100V for 150ns are not unheard of.

The previous module, tobo, was great at its job, up to two point. First was its price, with a 50$ RECOM component to generate the high voltage, and then the possibly more fragile components such as the HV7360. 

To solve this, the HV7360 has been replaced, and I'm changing this unipolar pulser to a bipolar pulser, for both precise timing of pulses at 0, +-25V, +-50, +-75V -- voltages being set with jumper. The layout still remains the same, and yields:

It's been sent to Shenzen, let's see how it goes =)