I need to update this log more.

A project log for Raptor12 Wireless AC Dimmer

Christmas, Halloween light string controller that is wireless, 12channel dimmable AC controller, with an AVR for $30

KingOfKYA(Travis K. )KingOfKYA(Travis K. ) 08/22/2015 at 16:130 Comments

Anyways running another group buy if anyone is intrested.

Changelog from last year:
Expanded all solder pads so its easier to get a good thermal connection.
Cut pcbs in various places so failed components can not cause a bridge.
Fuse on low voltage side just in case.
Added support for a "secret" feature that half of you know about.
Swaped SMD leds for though hole ones on scr board
Added an idiot light for 5v rail before jumper is on.