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A project log for Raptor12 Wireless AC Dimmer

Christmas, Halloween light string controller that is wireless, 12channel dimmable AC controller, with an AVR for $30

KingOfKYA(Travis K. )KingOfKYA(Travis K. ) 08/31/2014 at 04:010 Comments

The issues:

ISP header takes up too mutch room. Now flipped to other side of board.

Needs an easier way to pull top board apart, new pcb will have a ziptie hole for this.

ON the second photo there is a broken resistor in the psu. This happend because it got in the way of the ta-200 screw post i shuffled a few things around to fix it.

Trace under the tip120 current limiting tranistor is too close to the tab and could cause an issue trace is now relocated to the bottom of the pcb.

OH and version now says 1.2


Things that work:

Ample room for cabling between boards.

Zip ties for the output cables make repaceing the scr board very easy will be great for field repairs.

NRF modules power rail now extremely stable, thanks to via sticking the ground planes helped immensely with noise.

Dims correctly, no issues that I have seen yet. even sticking a capacitor across the output wont make dimming fail, it will on some scr/triac solutions. so long cable runs will not be an issue.

The new fet works much better IRF640, has a lower on resistance and generates very little heat compared to the irf 730 I was using previously.

See my google docs spreadsheet for fet comparison (sheet2)

Heatsync mounting soultion works great, some scrap pcb(technology edge), a heatsync form alliexpress and some thermal adhesive tape, oh and a zip tie because I don't have enofe of them yet.