PCBs and parts arrived!

A project log for Arduino Blocks for MIDI Controllers

A series of typical MIDI-event-oriented *duino shields, accompanied by graphical programming blocks that are MIDI specific.

uri.shaniuri.shani 04/22/2018 at 15:570 Comments

The boards and components arrived today!!!!!11 YAY!!!!!11

The packaging was great, in the box I got from DigiKey everything was labeled, and the PCBs look great (to my untrained eye).

I also received a Jyetech osciloscope kit in the package I got from Elecrow, which I used to train on soldering. I couldn't find any shorts, but for some reason the control rotary encoder only works one way. I'll email them about that later - but right now, I _really_ want to build and test the UI PCB!

I actually got 7 boards instead of the 5 I ordered, so I hope even if something goes wrong I'll still have enough to fix that.

I also got some replacement tips for my OLD iron. I'm using an old Weller WP25 I got from some guy who cleaned his old storage, and really needed a new tip for the tiny 0805 resistors (I've never soldered SMT parts before). You can see why I needed the new tip in the pic below. The old one is just _so_ corroded. Anyway, I'm going to get things done!