Meal Planner Kiosk

Plan your meals at the grocery store in 30 seconds.

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How often do you go to the grocery store and not get enough food to last the week, or get things you never end up using before they go bad? Plan your meals for the week at the grocery store in seconds and never worry about it again.

The goal of this project is to build an intuitive kiosk that will help you plan your meals for the week. Ideally you would select how many and what types of meals you want want for the week, along with how many people you are feeding. You hit a button, and the kiosk will randomize a list of meals for the week (like a slot machine). Select the meals you don't like, and hit the randomize button again to update it. When you're done, it'll print the recipes, ingredients you'll need for the next week (as a shopping list), and the cost at the particular store.

Additional goals for the project:
Build a member database that will keep track of favorite meals, and discounts related to specific meals for each user.

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