A new method to pair and control interfaces with your hands

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-->"At first, we used punched cards and buttons.."
-->"Then it evolved into mouses and keyboards.."
-->"Now everything becomes tactile.."

-->"How will the next generation be?"

The voice recognition enable a user to formulate complex requets. But it's still slow to navigate or do simple and fast actions. Brain waves, on the other hands are very complicated to interpret

We're going to need a new system to complement these technologies. Probably something we can carry, forget, and use exactly when we need it

HandyIOT is a tiny device you can attach to your hand to pair and control interfaces. It combined several sensors :

-->Buttons for quick simple requests

-->10 DOF to recognize a bit more complex requets and memorize movements

-->2 mouses cameras to create alternative ways to navigate and zoom

-->IR LED to quickly pair to devices. They could be used for tracking with Wii cameras.

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