Operation I HATE Digitizers

Well i love them, but repairing and/or replacing a digitizer is hell. I shall document my repair attempts here, on ANY digitizer i can.

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Breaking a touchscreen device is one of the worst feelings known to man, The very first humans almost died off due to pure frustration and sadness after breaking the very first I-rock's lcd touch interface. His frustration grew once Ug Cavemanson tried to ancient-stoneAGEGoogle information and repairs on this topic, only to find a wave of nonsense coupled with every online repair store known to man. I share Ug's pain, and I've decided if i spend $300 on a nexus 7, and carelessly drop it causing it's digital death; i should NOT be forced to pay 200 to replace one bit of hardware on this device. I rarely break these devices; but when i do i make sure they are very important to me. The picture is the collection I have accumulated I have MANY MANY more lcd,and Digitizers in my parts drawer; but often i face the issue if these parts are useful to me, spawning my need to make a remedy to this issue.
*Command and Conquer "ON HOLD" sound.


Craigslist scam leads to final straw and obsession

This is my only guide i've written online, It's riddled with spelling errors and bad advice; but that's what makes me awesomely awful. I repaired an older sony cam i purchased from a OBVIOUSly ILLEGITIMATE craigs list post.

  • 1 × Kindle fire digitizer/lcd Why can't life be as easy as this replacing that... Nope not how life works can i use it?
  • 2 × original motorola droid Lcd/digitizer got 2 of em... Hmm i wish my arduino could use these easily gotta find a use or em!

  • Gotta work your way to the top. My repair of a RESISTIVE TOUCHSCREEN

    Dr.Droopy Nayhey05/09/2014 at 02:29 0 comments

    This guide was originally written by me on the popular Diy website instructables. I'm going to revisit this post, Edit the article to make myself appear less stupid(maybe). Maybe help some lost soul out there(In Alaska i imagine) repair his older technology. There are always options.. Lets review my plan here

    THEN I'm goin to Miles O'Brien it, and recreate a similar situation and check if this barbaric fix is useful. While exploring alternate ways i can apply this method, using safer tools.

    My goal here is to get that inspiration and move on to bigger better and more advanced Digitizers. Perhaps internet hackaday friends you can help provide this novice with your insights/suggestions. I'm self taught in this electronic hardware world, but i've got the spirit of 20 kittens and a 10 ton gallon vessel of cat nip.

    My hope is to put back the Y in DIY "Yourself". That doesn't make sense, but you the reader get me right?

    Right now, please Google diy touchscreen,

    First link (For you it may be different, google+ and the blah blah algorithm) hmm though this is cool,  but i don't want to spend money. Look at these results, ya i'm being picky and cheap.. It's not that i'm cheap it's that I live on my own wages and I'm a Renaissance man! I'd chop down a tree right now and build you a wood car, if i wasn't so afraid of slivers i'd fly down to Alaska and prove it to your face.... Moving on

    Yes in the simplest sense a replacing a swap with a replacement is DIY, i'm not arguing that. However when you are buying something possibly INSANELY overpriced, and useful in this one situation and can't be reused.... That sucks, i have devices that use a similar if not identical component. The difference is some complacated pin connector and the device speaks and needs to be spoken to in a very special romantic way that nothing can replicate? 

     This throw away tech world we live in today is expensive, and LAZY.There was a time that me finding a solution to something was a simple internet search, took only moments and BAM on on my way to a resolution city. Yea sometimes it took longer, but i learned EVERYTHING from trial and error, google, and my hate of buying something and waiting for it... Haste makes waste they say, but if i wasn't so quick to do I would have never of built my first computer from old parts I found(My parents didn't want to buy a computer, and i WANTED one that bad due to Diablo 1 ).Sadly my first computer sucked, but A lead to B lead to D but was actually C and so on and so forth. Eh sorry i should place this in rants.. I'm going to post this crude draft as a placeholder spelling/whatever/ the. If i save this locally i will forget, if i have a glaring error on a well respected website it will be just the fire under my feet to get this train a rolling! <3 you hackaday!! 

  • Captains log 5/8 Nexus 7 i will hack you alive again. THIS I VOW

    Dr.Droopy Nayhey05/08/2014 at 16:04 0 comments

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