ScottTV- A Simple MediaPlayer For My Autistic Son

Hi, I needed a simple media player that my son can understand. I could not find a commercial solution, so I built one based on a raspberry

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A media player nearly indestructible an controllable with 6 Buttons to choose a movie

Link to the video

Hi all,

I want to show you this media player for my son Scott.

He has autism, so the challenge was to make it simple, robust and easy to clean.

So I build this device with 6 Big Buttons. The media menu shows a preview of 6 cartoons. If the button next to the preview is pushed, this movie is played. Now all the buttons are offline for 5sec.

If you push any of the 6 buttons, the movie stops and the player jumps back to the main menu.

It's based on a raspberry pi B+

Scott loves it

  • 1 × Wood Plate 1220x80x18mm
  • 2 × Wood Plate 1220x75x18mm
  • 2 × Wood Plate 764x75x18mm
  • 1 × differen colors and protector paint
  • 1 × acrylic glass plate 8mm (Size depends of the used screen)

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  • New Buttons for ScottTV

    Alain Mauer05/13/2019 at 08:12 0 comments

    The piezo buttons worked perfectly for 4 years at ScottTv, but I think, I will try capacitive touch sensor buttons. Unlike the piezo buttons, they will not react if Scott is beating on the TV, but they will just work on the touch. Now I have to check if they are not too sensitive.

    I use the same sewer cover as for the piezo buttons and the touch sensors breakout boards with the tpp223 chip.

    To make the touch space bigger, I cut a piece of metal out of an soda can. I clued a wire on the metal part and solderd it to the PCB.
    It is realy sensitive now and I think, that I need to add some kind of shielding around the backpart of the sewer cover.

    Still a little Trial and Error to do.

    They work also with 3.3V, so I could leave the adapter PCB away.

  • Maria Teresa, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg

    Alain Mauer04/05/2017 at 09:25 2 comments

    Hi, Here is a picture, where I explain the Media Player for Scott to Maria Teresa, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg and to Corinne Cahen minister of families at the Autisme awareness day.

  • User Interface

    Alain Mauer03/19/2017 at 17:54 0 comments

    Working on a user intterface. The player is easy to handle for my son, but now I want to make it more easy to upload movies to the player.

  • Scott Tv on Tv

    Alain Mauer10/05/2016 at 19:02 1 comment

    Today the local Tv channel broadcasted the report about Scott's Media Player.

    It's in luxembourgish language

  • Local Tv in the house

    Alain Mauer09/30/2016 at 12:27 0 comments

    We are very exited. The local Tv channel RTL had visited us for a small television report about Scott's Media Player. Will make a post when it's broadcasted.

  • Upgrade for Scott TV

    Alain Mauer09/05/2016 at 17:15 0 comments

    I added a submenu to Scott's TV. The Raspberry pi based media player for my autistic Son. To make it more interesting for him, I can add now 6 times 6 different videos and music. Consider to follow the project on

    The new submenu

    Here are the new scripts. They are not finished yet, but Button Nr 3 has now a Submenu

  • The next step

    Alain Mauer08/09/2016 at 09:08 0 comments

    Scott still loves his TV. It's one of the Best things I've ever built and I should use it to educate him

    We are living in Luxemburg and most of the TV shows for Kids are in German or French. I thought, it would be an interesting Idea to create a simple TV-Show "SeasamStreet style" in Luxemburgish language, where I can explain simple things to my son. I can even make some kind of interactive show controlled by the 6 buttons.

    The first step is done..... I've build a Puppet :)

  • Little problem

    Alain Mauer06/28/2016 at 05:55 0 comments

    Scott is regulary tapping and knocking against the front plate, so that yesterday the buttons did stop to work. The problem was very easy to locate. The adapter circuit felt of the raspberry. This time I fixed the adapter on the raspberry with a little bit of hot glue and a cable tie.

  • Scott Tv In the Print Media

    Alain Mauer06/16/2016 at 11:55 0 comments

    Hi All,

    One remark in my own interest, You can find an Article about Scott's Tv in the MagPi Magazine Nr 46

    Free Download here:

    And in the German c't Make Magazine 3/2016. Preview

  • Pi Zero

    Alain Mauer05/28/2016 at 08:25 0 comments

    Running Scott TV on a Raspberry Pi Zero ... check

    I think i will build a portable version

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  • 1
    Step 1


    Cutting a hole in the wood plate. I took the dimensions of the LCD screen and I added 1 cm on each side. Drilling 48mm holes for the buttons and test if everything fits.

    Fill all the irregularities with wood paste

    On the bottom 2 cut outs for the foot bar

    These are the sizes, i used for the construction

  • 2
    Step 2

    Paint Job

    After sanding the whole thing, I sprayed a few layers of gray ground paint.

    All painted with red paint. I used a small projector to put an Image of Shin Chan on the front. Then I drew the picture and colored it with Acryl colors.

    Now 2 layers of transparent protector paint

  • 3
    Step 3

    The Big Piezo Buttons

    I need a few robust buttons. I could not find buttons in a certain size, so I decided to create my own.When you push or tap the front side of the button, you will get an impulse of +-1sec.The piezo will generated a small impulse, which is amplified by a transistor. A Ne555 in monostable mode gives me a 1sec impulse.

    I used a 55mm Pipe Stop End. I sand the piece to remove the irregularities.In the pipe stop end, I glued a 35mm Piezo element inside it with super glue.

    I painted the Button yellow.

    I used a piece of plastic angle and cut 2 small pieces of it. With Hot glue they are kept in place and with epoxy glue they will stay there forever.I drilled 2 small holes in the angels to fix the PCB.

    Because I need about 8 buttons, I decided to create a PCB.I used DipTrace for the layout, and I ordered them at

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Andrew Green wrote 11/05/2019 at 09:24 point

Excellent project and brilliant idea.

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Craig Hissett wrote 09/14/2016 at 15:40 point

This is great! I made a smaller project with a similar kind of thing in mind ( #Pi Video Player ) but never really managed to create a child friendly bit of software such as you have.

What did you use to create your menus buddy? 

  Are you sure? yes | no

Alain Mauer wrote 09/14/2016 at 17:11 point

Hi. I reality the Menus are just lopped Videoflles. All is based on the Omxplayer with no graphical interface. I just switch between the videofiles. It's not very flexible but it does his job. I used the Sony Vegas Videoeditor.

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Craig Hissett wrote 09/14/2016 at 17:26 point

Brilliant mate. Simple but bloody effective!!

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Alain Mauer wrote 09/14/2016 at 18:40 point

Thank You

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Gerty1 wrote 06/02/2016 at 15:23 point

love this ,my son also has autism  ,I'm going to give this a go for him 

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Alain Mauer wrote 04/20/2016 at 18:52 point

Thanks, they are realy easy to build. Took me just a while to get to this solution.

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Dawid Wesołek wrote 04/20/2016 at 08:12 point

Great project! I hope you will win.

I like your Piezo Buttons :)

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