A project log for ScottTV- A Simple MediaPlayer For My Autistic Son

Hi, I needed a simple media player that my son can understand. I could not find a commercial solution, so I built one based on a raspberry

Alain MauerAlain Mauer 05/05/2016 at 20:130 Comments

To see if Scott knows the relation between the buttons and the cartoons, I removed Frozen from button number 2. It seems that he does not like this movie. I placed now the little video clip with Twinkle Twinkle on this position , because I know he loves this clip. I showed him once and he listens now for hours to this. Each time the clip ends, he goes back to the media player and start this video again and again.

My wife, my daughter and I are so happy to see that Scott is really interested in something.

And again a big Thank you to the community and the Hackaday Team.