Feasibility of Meteor/Raspberry Pi

A project log for Another Garden Automation Project

Using the Raspberry Pi, Meteor, and other hardware to monitor plants, gardens, and control them.

klhutchinsklhutchins 04/15/2016 at 16:240 Comments

Meteor may not be the best framework for this project.

It seems like a lot of overhead just to do something as simple as log the temp and control a water actuator. There are plenty of python scripts that will do this with a much smaller footprint.

Currently, I don't know the limitations of the Raspberry PI with Meteor, it uses a lot of resources to do some simple things. I've seen network traffic refreshing the site reach 1.3 MB. This could become a problem in the future for a large garden, or a lot of scheduled tasks.

After a refresh, it seems to load a bit less.

Hopefully this doesn't become a problem down the road?