pKGs2-sacB7_RFP stabilized and pKGs1 synthesized

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Creation of modular, well characterized, and open source DNA vectors.

koeng101koeng101 04/29/2016 at 16:290 Comments

Interesting few weeks. As a preface-

pKGs2-sacB7_RFP is a plasmid for cloning vector parts. These vector parts can be used in a modular fashion to create new vectors. More information on this vector can be found on my website. Soon it will be updated to have viral(M13) packaging compatibility.

pKGs1 is the base vector. Parts can be put in this vector for storage before use in other contexts. It has a few advantages over pKGs2-sacB7_RFP in that it has superior transcriptional isolation, better primer binding sites, and a form of the T7 terminator at the 3' end.

I had some issues with pKGs2-sacB7_RFP stability, but it appears this was just because of old cam plates. Plasmid loss was rather slow, but still occurred. Perhaps it was because of the media, which was autoclaved with glucose. Anyway, it appears to be a stable plasmid. Now to just modify it with viral packaging! Updated log with files. Open with SnapGene viewer ( ).