Boards Away!!

A project log for The Space Flea

A Proof-of-Concept design for a tiny Femtosatellite, based on the SunCube concept

ozqubeOzQube 05/02/2016 at 14:440 Comments
The boards are off to the fab! I had a go at panellising the 20x20mm boards, so that there was 4 boards inside the 50x50mm size limit for DirtyPCB. This way I can get about 40 boards for $14!! Unfortunately, the solar panels are 30mm tall, so they won't panelize in the 5x5 protopack. But because each Flea needs 4 panels, I'll need a bunch to match the other boards. So I went for the 10x10 protopack, and panelized 6 of the solar boards into a 3x2 arrangement. So 60 in total! enough for 15 Fleas! And in case you're wondering why I didn't just use Oshpark and get 3 copies? I needed the 5/5 spacing that DirtyPCBs offers as standard, instead of the 6/6 that most other places use. And why just get 10 boards when I can get 4 times that for the same money! Now what to do for the payload.......???? ( I still haven't decided...)