WiFio - Mini

Arduino-Enabled IoT Prototyping Platform with ESP8266 + Temperature + Light Sensors

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WiFio Mini is the simple IoT rapid prototyping platform to help you build IoT applications.
Based around Arduino-enabled Atmega328P and Easy to program FTDI header.

Board Highlights:
-> Arduino IDE Programmable.
-> FTDI Header to Upload sketches and Power.
-> 2x4 Pin Headers for ESP-01 (ESP8266).
-> On-Board MCP9700 (Temperature) and LDR (Light) Sensors.
-> +3V3 Powered [DC Jack for 7-12V External Power]
-> Small Form Factor[ Dimensions: 100mm x 50mm]
-> Low Cost.
-> Open Hardware Design

-> Cloud based data recording applications.
-> Monitor and Control your things and surrounding.
-> Build IoT Widgets rapidly.
-> Home and Building Automation
-> Agricultural
-> IoT enabled Sensing

Background Story:

Am a part research scholar & part freelance design engineer, and for one of my project I needed to monitor couple of parameters like Temperature, humidity, light intensity. Using datalogger to perform this task was pretty obvious.

And I don’t have to tell you, how easy it is these days, to build simple datalogger with platform like Arduino.

Earlier, I have built Xbee based simple wireless node for similar applications. But I wanted to do more than that, I wanted to challenge myself.

[I just love to discover new things... Going in to Unknown]

I decided to build WiFi datalogger which will log the data to cloud platform like Thingspeak, Temboo.

I am impressed by its intuitive graphing, simplicity and readiness to export the data and further perform data analysis using MATLAB.

Another reason to choose WiFi, I wanted to try it and ESP8266 was affordable & easy to interface.

I shared this with my research-mates and apparently they were also looking for something like this for monitoring solar panel voltages.


The main reason to design the WiFio-Mini was 3V3 powered, WiFi-enabled board integrated with low cost and easy to read sensors.

Another reason was to simplify the realization of IoT application and speed-up the prototyping process. I just wanted to remove the complexity and errors involved due to in-compatible Logic levels [3V/5V] with sensors and RF modules. And no need to mention wiring, I have spent hours debugging them.

Why Atmega328P-DIP [With Arduino Core]: Arduino, SIMPLE yet Powerful programming language.

Why ESP-01: One of the widely used and accepted by electronics-enthu community. Simple Serial interface with AT commands. Readily available and low cost.

Why MCP9700: Temperature sensor with 10mV/˚C output. Instantly start monitoring temperature in the surrounding. Industry standard.

Why LDR: Get you started in measuring light intensity in the area. Low cost and easily available.

Why FTDI Header: Most trusted interface for Powering, Flashing sketches and Serial comm./debugging using USB-to-TTL 6-Pin module.

Why GPIO: Inspired by "Real Barebones Arduino" made by Paul Badger over at Modern Device.

Why +3V3: Now a days, Most of the Sensors and Wireless modules support/need 3V operations. Again we need to take care of Logic Level conversion otherwise we end up burning the module.

Technical Details:

  • MCU: Atmega328P-DIP With Arduino Core.
  • Wireless Module: ESP-01 [ESP8266].
  • Sensors: MCP9700 and LDR.
  • Programming Interface: FTDI Header for Powering, Flashing sketches and Serial communication.
  • GPIO: Arduino Compatible Digital and Analog I/O.
  • Power: +3V3 Powered[LM1117 REG.] and Power Jack for External Source[7-12V].
  • Clock Speed: 8MHz Crystal.

  • 1 × Atmega328P Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, DSPs / ARM, RISC-Based Microcontrollers
  • 1 × ESP8266 [ESP-01]
  • 1 × MCP9700 Sensors / Temperature, Thermal
  • 1 × LDR Resistor Networks / Thick Film Networks
  • 1 × LM1117-3V3 LDO Regulator

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  • HW: Done Routing... Now Production

    Amar Potdar02/01/2017 at 12:07 0 comments

    Hi Hackers.. It's been long, since the last update. Well, done with routing in last week but could not find time to post project log.. Here it is.

    Ok ! There are few little changes.

    Ohhh.. Wow.. Look at these 3D shots of WiFio.. Looks cool..

    Do let me know your feedback... Thanks All..

    Keep Hacking,,, Keep Innovating...

  • HW : Placement

    Amar Potdar01/18/2017 at 14:06 0 comments

    Ok Placement Done..

    • Trying to Keep it as simple as I can.
    • Paid attention to GPIO for easy access and interface for external peripherals.
    • Form Factor as small as possible. Most of them are SMD.
    • I guess need to update footprint for DC Barrel Jack, the one I have doesn't matches.
    • Also I have noticed that Atmega328P-PU footprint from Atmel EAGLE Library, does not match with the device itself. It's quit ironic. Updated that too with couple of Trial & Error.

  • HW: Drafting Schema.

    Amar Potdar01/10/2017 at 09:37 0 comments

    Block diagram itself is pretty much self explanatory. Drafting schema is not a tough job but, You need to simultaneously take care of the part that you are selecting for - footprint, availability and Pricing.

    Undoubtedly, EAGLE is superior CAD tool, no matter How small or Big is your project. I have been using EAGLE for past 2 Years, And I still discover NEW things everyday.

    MCU +3V3 Powerd | 8MHz Clocked:

    28-PinDIP, for easy Plug-Play and Programming, In case You end-up burning one.


    LM1117 LDO for +3V3 Regulation and DC Power Jack which allows you to power the board over 9V/12V Power adapter.


    As stated in details related board, Inspired from Real Bare Bones.

    FTDI Header:

    Simple and Easy USB-to-TTL interface for Burning sketches, Serial debugging.


    +3V3 Powered Low Cost ESP-01 module. Easily available in electronics market or Online ebay/Amazon etc.


    Widely used in industry for Cold Junction compensation and other applications. Output in 10mV/DegC.


    Light Dependent resistor, See how easy it is to interface. On the next second you can start playing with it, building cool applications.

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Feel free post your Suggestions, Opinions, Feedback, Ideas.. What else???

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