Environmental Quiz Game

Part of a project to re-use bottles. Select your answer by touching a bottle of water! Teensy-LC as brains, flashy lights, the works

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The game features an LCD, three LEDs (red, yellow and green) and an RGB LED as output. For input, four of the teensy's touch enabled pins are hooked up to the two bottles and two metal nuts. A true or false question (in this case, the theme is the environment but it could be anything) is displayed on the screen, and the player can grab a bottle to select that answer, or restart the score count.

In the images, I have the screen displaying the raw output of touchRead(pin) for the inputs - this is just for debugging.

The whole thing is powered off a portable battery pack, or through the USB cable.

Maybe I'll upload the code Yeah, I lost the code, the bottles leaked and I have no more interest in this project :P It is a nice fun project idea for people getting started though!

As always, feedback appreciated :)

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