It all started with wood fire followed by the oven then the microwave. With each evolution along the way, food preparation became easier even as the variety of cuisines expanded. In 2013, Anjan Contractor demonstrated the next great advance in food preparation when he proved the capability to 3D print pizzas on NASA Deep Space Missions. Food preparation will never be the same again.

Not wanting such an important advance to be limited to NASA and Deep Space Missions, Anjan assembled a world class team including Jordan French, Chintan Kanuga and Benjamin Feltner and launched BeeHex in 2015 with the goal of making this technology available here on Earth, BeeHex's mission is to revolutionize food preparation starting with high quality chocolate and pizza made with the finest ingredients. The finished products are not only visually appealing but delicious which has created excitement among chefs, restaurant chains, theme parks, and major food brands.

But that is just the beginning of what BeeHex is capable of delivering.

BeeHex's Patent Pending Pneumatic Technology Extrusion System provides greater content control and a cleaner printing process which virtually eliminates the dripping and leakage issues plaguing current 3D printers. The technology also allows BeeHex printers to extrude materials in a broad viscous range from chocolate to dough or clay and even biomedical solutions. The food industry is just one of many potential markets for BeeHex.