Web server, signalk based architecture and other software progress

A project log for KBox

An open-source gateway to boat networks

Thomas SarlandieThomas Sarlandie 06/19/2017 at 03:420 Comments

I have been making tons of progress on the software side. It's all in the 'develop' branch and I encourage the brave amongst you to give it a try. If you are thinking of adding features to KBox, you definitely need to do it on this branch.

Just a quick overview:
- Complete SignalK based architecture, which means that every NMEA, NMEA2000 messages and every piece of data from the sensors gets first converted into SignalK before being re-converted into some output format (NMEA, NMEA2000, SignalK, etc)

- Integrated webserver

- Websocket support (will support SignalK websocket soon)

- NMEA to NMEA2000 conversions (currently only GPRMC but more to come - let me know what you need on your boat)
- etc.