Finding a correct name, other uses, parts coming in

A project log for Waffle: a pocket-sized digital radio system

┬ÁController, CC1101 module and LCD forming a small communication device. Other probable uses in the near future.

M.daSilvaM.daSilva 04/29/2016 at 06:540 Comments

First parts are coming in. I've sent my order 2 weeks ago... In the meantime, I started thinking about other probable uses for this system. I mean, basically, I made a small PCB with an ATMega328, a small OLED and buttons. Nothing too special, really. The radio module plugs into it, but nothing prevents me to have other uses for it!

Why not a integrated antenna analyser? I can add a simple DDS chip like the AD9850, an SWR bridge and sample the measurements through the ADC pins of the µcontroller (like this one or that one [PDF alert])! It would be teeny tiny and very useful!The whole thing can just be plugged into the header for the radio module. Plus, as the DDS chip outputs its signal directly to the connector, it can also act as a frequency generator..

I can also use it as a small voltmeter, with a divider network, some diodes for protection... Not very accurate, but still, it would be pretty interesting...

Anyway, those add-ons have to wait for the next hardware revision; I still have to find a way to make it portable. Right now it depends on the USB supply to run, not a convenient thing to have if you want to put it in your pocket...

Also found a name for my project: Waffle. Why Waffle you may ask? Well, I like waffles. A friend found a matching abbreviation for it: Wireless And Free Format Lite Emitter. Feel free to use yours! I'll just stick with "Waffle" :)