First prototype

A project log for Waffle: a pocket-sized digital radio system

┬ÁController, CC1101 module and LCD forming a small communication device. Other probable uses in the near future.

M.daSilvaM.daSilva 05/10/2016 at 11:120 Comments

PCBs are in!

I'm still waiting for the 100nF decoupling capacitors, but I couldn't wait! I already assembled the first board.

I know, the soldering job is sloppy, my trusty Weller died on me, I had to use a plain old mains powered iron... My SMD skills aren't very good either.

The ATMega didn't get recognized by the ISP at first, some pads weren't correctly soldered. After a few tries and two different programmers, I managed to get a successful flash.

The buttons work fine, OLED doesn't have any glitches, and the USB-to-Serial converter works as planned. I'm still getting some errors during the operation of the COM port, I think it has to do with the missing decoupling caps... I'll see how it goes once they come in.

Now, off to write some software and run tests!