Small progress for the Interface

A project log for Waffle: a pocket-sized digital radio system

µController, CC1101 module and LCD forming a small communication device. Other probable uses in the near future.

Frédéric DruppelFrédéric Druppel 05/16/2016 at 20:060 Comments

Hi, just a quick log about the Computer Interface for the Waffle.

I added some functions and buttons, an most importantly, uART communication integration !! The interface now works for debugging, but it's still not finished; I need to add a settings menu for selecting the right tty/COM port, and some other minor functions.

Here's a new screenshot of the interface ^^

You can probably see the main new function : frequency selection !! This feature will only be available for licensed HAM-operators, as the only frequency that is free to use without license is 433.92MHz (in Europe, but in the US it's around 900MHz).

Right now the interface works like it should, and you can find the Processing file in the file section of this project (Waffle_interface_Beta_v0_2.pde)

Feel free to ask me any questions !!