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A project log for Fall Detector Wearable for Elderly and Clinics

Combining a 3-axis accelerometer with an Arduino to create a networked fall-detection device and alert system for individuals at risk.

_henry_henry 08/12/2016 at 22:300 Comments

Here's a video demonstrating the Fall Detector Wearable (Particle Core, Spark Core) connected over wifi and transmitting data to various services. You can see a simulated dashboard we created titled "Patient Fall Activity Monitor," as well as my Gmail account running in an Android Emulator (Genymotion+Virtualbox).

You can see a fall reflected in all the logs when I pull the pin (As requested by a commenter, we are adding a button that can be activated in addition to autonomous fall detection). Particle's dashboard detects it and pushes this out to the Thingspeak dashboard, while also sending an alert to IFTTT which sends me an email to notify of the fall, along with some variables measured i.e. Fall Device ID, Accelerometer Trigger Value, etc...

Hope you guys enjoy it! Now that the basic code is implemented and everything is talking to eachother, we'll be tweaking the code for accuracy, doing real world testing, and developing the 3D-printed case.

If anyone can help us with any of these tasks, please feel free to comment/message us!

I pull the pin to to activate a Fall Alert at 1:20 in the video.