First Raspberry Pi based prototype

A project log for Camera Traps for Citizen Science

Camera Traps can empower local communities & schools to observe & learn about wildlife. We aim to create an affordable DIY solution for all.

Egle Marija RamanauskaiteEgle Marija Ramanauskaite 04/23/2016 at 21:260 Comments

We met at Technarium for World Create Day, to hack the first prototypes of the two designs we were considering.

Jauler came up with a nifty code that connects Raspberry Pi to a motion-sensitive house alarm unit and a webcam and captures photos responding to movement, with 1-2 sec delay!

Our code is here:

We still need to work out:

1) how to reduce the photo delay

2) a battery and a power saving plan that would be durable enough for hours of observation

by MN is still working on the KeyChain-Arduino version - TBC !

Overall - great progress on World Create Day!!