MQTT Broker Setup On Amazon EC2

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tdicolatdicola 05/12/2014 at 21:540 Comments

In the past couple days I've added playbooks to the project github source which allow you to provision an MQTT broker server on Amazon's EC2 cloud and set up a basic device cloud.  Check out this video to see a walkthrough of setting up a server and communicating with a Raspberry Pi: 

I'm still a little new to using Ansibile, but so far am really happy with how simple it's making the process of standing up a server from scratch.

Also I purchased the '' domain name and am making subdomains of it available to anyone who wants to host their device cloud from an easily reachable address with the excellent dynamic DNS service.  You can find the domain here and just need a free account on FreeDNS to get a subdomain.  I've even integrated into the Ansible playbook a step to register a regular cron job that will keep your broker server IP address up to date with your FreeDNS domain.  Watch the video to see more details of the process.  

You aren't limited to using this domain either--there are many other domains on FreeDNS, or you can even buy your own domain and get a static IP in Amazon's cloud.

The next area I want to focus on are client apps.  As a part of this project I want to document a few end to end examples of MQTT applications, such as measuring sensor data or remotely controlling devices.