Month wrap-up

A project log for Platform D

A robust, cheap outdoor mobile robot platform

Alain SanguinettiAlain Sanguinetti 05/29/2016 at 12:520 Comments

Last week-end I was faced with issues on powering the system. I did not manage to solve them during the week so I will end the first prototype here.

This is the perfect moment to take so time and think on how I worked and what I achieved here.

To start I am quite happy with the quality of the results, knowing that I only used a driller and a hand saw.

However, I think I should have designed everything before trying to make it instead of trying to make something out of what I could find at the store down the hackerspace.

Especially, I should have started with the power block and validated a power transmission because it is what really prevents me from moving forward with this prototype and this is also what was a bit weak on the prototype that I made a few years before.

As for the price, I estimate it around 1100 HKD for the parts only, knowing that it does not include any control board and batteries.

To sum up, it was a fun month trying to make this prototype. I did not managed to make it in only four week-ends but that is surely because every week-end I had to make design decisions. I'm going to do better next month !