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octotrinket was a fork of the trinket, windowlicker is a fork of octotrinket. designed and built in a day as an exercise. it works except for the ws2812 because I forgot a voltage regulator. its arrived, i'll update when i get a chance to add it.

All SMT, with only 2 wire vias for battery. 2 Piezos, input and output. RGB ws2812

sticking with the desire to have no vias except for the battery, windowlicker has two sticky faced piezos tack soldered on to the side leads, an a currently non-working ws2812.

‚Äčideally, this sticks to a window, and measures noise levels through a piezo (contact mic). the other piezo is set up to knock. the rgb is for output. on this prototype, you can use the red LED for visual indicator.

detail pictures show the traces running under resistors to keep it a single layer. the 68ohm resistor is 0805 and has 3 6mil traces with 1mil spacing tracked under. the 0ohm resistor has 4 6 mil traces running under it.  

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    dont build this.  its a pointless hack, and 1 mil spacing is not recommended.

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