First Iteration

A project log for Twitter Matrix

Based on the LED Matrix Link's and NodeMCU Twitter Matrix is an 8x LED Matrices display to scroll tweets of your desired hashtag.

mobilewillMobileWill 04/17/2016 at 23:440 Comments

This project originally started with 8x LED Matrix Links a Arduino Mega and the Arduino ethernet shield. This was just enough to get a prototype going as proof of concept so I could work on the code.

I quickly found that scrolling 8 LED Matrix Link and pushing all those pixels around was a bit much for the Arduino Mega. A few years ago I received a Arduino Due Beta unit to test with at the Maker Faire so it was time to put it to use. Much better for pixel pushing.

Much better. But I still need to make it wireless so at the time there wasn't the wonderful world of esp8266. Only the pricey WiFi shields. I settled on the Wifly shield which died shortly after, of course just in time for the wedding.

I made a short video comparing the difference in speed of the two. Big difference.