A project log for Twitter Matrix

Based on the LED Matrix Link's and NodeMCU Twitter Matrix is an 8x LED Matrices display to scroll tweets of your desired hashtag.

mobilewillMobileWill 04/18/2016 at 00:150 Comments

This month I decided to revive this project and bring it to the Maker Faire Bring-A-Hack. This time I have a bunch of the NodeMCU that I sell on our Tindie shop. This opened up the project with lots of options. The esp8266 is so much more powerful since I can connect to the internet, host a configuration page and scroll the LED's super fast.

<insert pic of nodeMCU build>

Currently I have ported the code to the nodeMCU and created a configuration page.

Now I need to add some more configuration options to set scroll speed and Twitter refresh time without having to recompile.

The only issue is I am using a CDN to get the Bootstrap/Javascript libraries which doesn't work over the AP unless you have visited the site previously had left the tab open. I was going to use the public IP to access it directly but the Karma Go hotspot acts as a route and therefore the nodeMCU isn't directly accessible. So I will probably move the libraries to be loaded directly from the nodeMCU. Heck there is plenty of space on it anyway.