Using Karma Go Hotspot

A project log for Twitter Matrix

Based on the LED Matrix Link's and NodeMCU Twitter Matrix is an 8x LED Matrices display to scroll tweets of your desired hashtag.

mobilewillMobileWill 04/18/2016 at 00:330 Comments

Just wanted to post a quick note on how to get a device like the esp8266 to work with a hotspot that requires sign in to work. There is the hard way to have the esp8266 actually do a sign in which would be required for public hotspots. If you are not familiar with the Karma Go, it's a prepaid hotspot and your data never expires. Great for projects on the go. The coolest part is if other people sign up via your hotspot you get 100MB, hence the name Karma. To accomplish this you have to sign in to your account when you use the hotspot. Fear not! Karma allows you to add your MAC address to your account so that device doesn't have to sign in. Just contact support to get it added. I added both the nodeMCU and Oak from digiStump since I wasn't sure which I was going to use. At least for development I am using the nodeMCU since the SSID is easier to change back and forth for testing.