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If life's like a box of chocolates.. sometimes there's a chocolate coated rock or two... watch out for them teeth!

(Previously 'From Nerd to Criminal in Seven Easy Years'... let's hope that's over)

As often as I've thought this tale to have reached an end, it rears its ugly head.

It's time to write a friggin' novel. Here it comes (in unsorted pieces):

We'll start with the first legal-encounter, way back in highschool (was it "The Year 2000"?)...

Back in those days I might've been deemed amongst the nerdliest of nerds. I took Japanese not because I was interested in Anime nor Pokemon, like the majority of my classmates, but because it was a good move for business relations in the tech-fields; I'd been doing electronics circuits since I was 6y/o, began working in IT (with full district-wide network-admin privileges) at the school-district between my Sophomore and Junior years of high school and continued to do-so for nearly a decade thereafter.

I'd skipped a grade in math back in middle school, then my middle school math teacher "followed me" to my high school (cool?). In my Junior year of high school, I started taking college classes. My day was split between math with my ol' pal the math-teacher and classes at college (a full college load being three classes). I bussed between these two campuses, each day, taking nearly an hour each way, three trips total (home was somewhere in the middle), three hours a day spent on busses.

The first thing I noticed about that (community) college environment was that people were there because they wanted to be there to learn and better themselves, not because they were forced to by some system, nor by the expectations of parents or others. I felt astounded, to say the least... Here people actually cared about their (and others') educational experiences. And lo-and-behold [most] teachers/professors respected that, nevermind the grown-up decisions of their students, enough to not even bother taking attendance.

I got sucked-in to that level of dedication almost immediately, and as soon as I'd started, I had no intention of continuing with the partial-days, planning to switch to full-days at college the following semester (which, was a bit difficult since high school worked on the semester system and college was on the quarter-system).

Now, I'll take a step back to have an ol' throw-back to my grade-school (K-10) experience... I can't recall *ever* skipping a day of class in my entire grade-school-[only] experience. In middle school I was often called out of class to work in the computer lab (where I was responsible for setting up the image used on all the computers). This was definitely permitted, and I still managed to pull A's and B's in all my classes. (I even came in on summer-vacation to wire-up the building with ethernet, crawling through the crawl-space with only two boards preventing me from falling through the ceiling tiles!)

I was sick, one day, in middle school, wherein I asked my dad to let me stay home, and he said essentially if I was well-enough to ask, then I was well-enough to attend. That day I was sent home by the school nurse as contagious, and caught a bit of guilt for the call's having interrupted ol' Pa at work. From there-on I never bothered to even try to "call in sick" nor was ever sent home again. Raised somewhat "mind-over-matter" I seldom got sick in the first place, and only that once to the level of contagious. The only days I missed were those of dental/vision appointments and pre-planned family vacations. Meanwhile, who knows what my classmates/friends had been skipping class for: mall-trips, movies... Seems there were days everyone knew was a skip-day, some even seemingly-sanctioned by teachers, and yet I was somehow left-out of all of these. I knew of a bush near my middle school where some of my closest friends hid inside to smoke weed instead of attending class, and I know of others who literally smoked weed *with* the security-guards (we went through three guards in three years!). One Time I tried smoking a cigarette in that bush, went immediately home and showered and brushed my teeth for hours on end for fear of what guilt I might be given for something my...

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  • #whiteboardLife

    esot.eric12/02/2017 at 08:25 7 comments

    i live within three white-boards!


    Erm.... I live in a space *Lined* with three whiteboards... *contained wiithin* FIVE!

    That's like EIGHT WHITEBOARDS!

    (And, yes, that's a T-Flip-Flop, aka TTL-compatible divide-by-two counter, implemented with a single comparator)

  • Lies all lies

    esot.eric11/26/2017 at 10:26 2 comments

    word on the street is that walmart is friendly to travellers, allegedly the creator was an avid RVer, and wanted his stores to support that. The key aspect relevant to folk like me: allowing folk to park overnight in their otherwise unused ginormous parking lots.

    Hell. This ain't "word on the street". I heard it first from the ol' madre... who really has no reason I can imagine to be talking with folk "on the street" regarding these sorts of matters. That, along with the huge HUGE number of other folk who have said the same, from widely varying backgrounds, leads me to believe this is some sort of common knowledge...

    And only after having visited oh, nearly a dozen between northern WA and mid-CA, and having seen in EVERY ONE OF THEM signs explicitly stating otherwise did I come to the conclusion it might be wise to do some internizzle "fact checking"... which... also... led to the conclusion that it's common-knowledge that Walmart explicitly allows folk to stay overnight in their lots.

    Then a few sites, sparse in comparison, saying, essentially, some (as in a small fraction) choose *not* to allow it, usually when it conflicts with local (as in city/county) ordinances. That's how I read it, anyhow.

    Well, I've visited probably a dozen or more in nearly as many counties in three states and have yet to find EVEN ONE without a big, ol' sign like this:

    So... for all y'all romanticizing "#vanlife"... yahknow... #vanlifers keep in mind that finding a place to sleep when you're already downright exhausted can easily add another four hours of utter exhaustion to your day. (And sap another four hours of gas out your wallet). Unless, that is, you've no qualms shoving your lifestyle in the faces of families in their own homes, or willing to deal with security (or cops!) raining the pound of thunder upon your desperately needed sleep. 'Cause the fact is, most of "this land is your land" is really the land of someone else who more often than not "ain't too privy to freeloaders." Too bad... 'cause yahknow, some of us try to at least do good on the services lent us... picking up your and others' trash is a good start. Making purchases at fine establishments like these... Discouraging the riff-raff from riff-raffing... but... all the good intent in the world does nothing to remove that sign the night you exhaustedly discover it.

  • cranky horses

    esot.eric11/04/2017 at 07:18 5 comments


    As I learn more about vehicles... being that this is my first of only a few months... here's a ponderance...

    Cranking amps... 170 is a number I read in numerous places...

    Let's do some quick estimation: 10V 100A is 1000W...

    Now, if I recall correctly (and it's likely I don't... TODO)

    Roughly 500W is 1 horse-power...

    So our tremendous underestimate is that it takes the power of TWO HORSES to start an average-ish car engine.

    I've never actually seen an old car of the era when starting the engine required one to insert and turn a physical crank... well, maybe I have, but wasn't paying close attention... regardless, I have a hard time believing most of the folks back in the day could muster the power of two horses... ... 

    (Update: apparently 1hp ~= 745W... so 2hp is not far off, considering the earlier underestimate)

  • vans and insulation

    esot.eric11/02/2017 at 14:18 0 comments

    Maybe I should make a list of things that insulation is useful for that came as a surprise...

    But for now...

    Parking under trees...

    Rain runoff from leaves has apparently *much* larger droplets than the rain itself. No insulation makes for living inside a steel drum... Hope you really like calypso! (Is that right?) 'cause them laptop speakers don't have nearly the power to make understanding a movie possible over that.

    Falling leaves...

    They seem so lofty... falling to the earth like gigantic colorful feathers... until one lands on a  sheetmetal surface. Holy shit. first there's the bang... which was easy to confuse with being bombarded with rocks. Then minutes later the wind picks up slightly and you may have visions of that urban legend of the dead dude hanging from a tree, fingernails scraping back and forth.

    I think insulation would help in both cases (and many others) but I've not the energy for that... nevermind the space-loss...

    And, it does nothing to prevent paint-scratches.

    So... there are other solutions...

    laptop goes through the stereo, when necessary, though it might be pretty loud outside, I dunno.

    And... now I understand why so many lived-in vans have tarps on the roofs... they may not be for leak-prevention at all!

    So... if you're one of those thinking about getting into 'Jesus Christ: #vanlife'... might want to think about that insulation beforehand... that ain't a job can easily be done once you've moved your stuff and your life in... and to do it right, I hear, can take several days (and be expensive!)... don't want to make a home for mold, etc.

  • Auto-Work, a poll! Leave ideas here, please!

    esot.eric10/25/2017 at 04:14 9 comments

    Two things I should probably do in the near-future... oil-change and coolant-flush/change.

    I'm new to vehicles... how do most folks take care of this sorta business?

    I'd be *capable* of doing-so, myself, I think, but lacking a driveway/garage and not knowing how to contain/dispose of the old fluids... also, in the interest of time, being that both've been put off for far too long... probably best have a shop do it this go-round. What kinda shop?

    (Found out that different shops apparently do different things when I ran over a screw not far from two across-the-street auto-repair-places, neither of whom did tire-work).

    I've been told an oil-change (with new filter, new oil, disposal of old oil?) can be something like $40, at the right place... not nearly as bad as I'd feared... How's that possible, anyhow...?! (And at other places, should the same price be expectable?)

    And coolant?



    (On coolant: I think I'll be looking into the non-toxic stuff, next, being that the cat's living with me, and we spend so much time idling in here... that probably means a complete flush of the system... so not expecting that to be cheap... but still with the not-knowing who to hire... or what to expect.)

    Ah, and Muchas Gracias to a thoughtful fellow, 'round here, (who seems to prefer anonymity) for the motivation/assistance on the coolant-front! I did, indeed, get anti-freeze, but it took a bit to seal an unexpected leak... so we're probably at about 30% of the normal amount... which is like 10000% the amount it was prior. Thinking it should be OK until payday, since freezing-temps around here rarely go far below freezing, even at the worst of the season a couple months from now... But brief-freezing-temps in the middle of the night aren't so uncommon these days. So, those fears are greatly-diminished due to your assistance/insistence! Muchas Gracias, again! And, didja hear I finally put in the new heater-core? Yeayers!

  • Pwm data storage

    esot.eric10/19/2017 at 07:46 0 comments

    the last log goes into it a bit... never heard of it before, came up with the idea as a result of a project idea I've had for years.... storing audio on floppy disks.

    The original idea was to replace the floppy drive's magnetic circuitry with that from a cassette player... thus recording analog onto the floppy.

    That never came around... and since I've been learning a lot about floppy drives and disks as a result of #Floppy "Fun" -- Backing up a unique Kay-Pro disk ... it came to me to record the audio as PWM, making use of the floppy drive's normal circuitry.

    Then a realization (in the last log) that using PWM could be a great method for high-resolution and high-density data storage on mediums like magnetic...

    Briefly, e.g. a floppy disk records at 500k potential magnetic polarity-transitions per second. As I understand, that limitation is largely due to the fact that any closer and the magnetIsm stored on the media will repel each other.

    So that got me thinking... e.g. say you want to store a byte of data... that's 8 bits... on floppies, each data bit is stored as two magnetic transitions... thus data is stored at 250kbps, so 8 data bits requires 8/250,000 seconds... or 31.25kbytes/sec...

    But, what if we didn't store data bits, and instead stored pwm... 8bits of pwm data could be stored in two magnetic transitions... those transitions can't ever be any closer than 1/500,000 second (tn)... but... say you allocate the first tn to always being high... the last tn to always being low... now the middle can contain the high to low transition anywhere inbetween (not limited to multiples of tn seconds...).

    So, say three tns are used (minimum) for each pwm-value... with the right circuitry we've shoved 8 bits of data in 3/16ths of the space required to store each bit individually.

    Further, there's nothing (analyzed yet) that would limit that to 8 bits... why not 16? 32?

    It's the position of the transition that determines its value.

    ... anyways...

    There's plenty to be pondered... disks don't spin perfectly smoothly at perfect rpms... (thus usually using two magnetic transitions per bit, one driving a clock)...

    The circuitry would have to be highly precise to determine between each of 256 edge-timings in one tn...

    Etc. Etc. Though, plausibly acheivable... or modifiable... (4bits rather than 8?)

    ... anyhow... did some searching tonight and came across numerous articles mentioning that PWM is used to store data on magneto-optical drives... so guess I'm not too crazy in this line of thought. But... I've yet to see anything describing the implementation, only mention of it.

  • Still alive + infinite sample resolution ponderances

    esot.eric10/18/2017 at 01:18 2 comments

    nothing too much to update... really just not feeling too talkative at the moment... finally installed the new heater core... so cozy and sleepy. Also figured out why the vents smelled of engine odors, the air intake had a *huge* hole in the seal... so was sucking almost as much from outside as from under the hood!

    Spent a day on the floppy-audio project...  been on the mind for years. playback is as simple as tying a few pins together (e.g. index to step) and hooking a speaker to the read-data pin. Recording is a bit more difficult. But I managed to make a line-in to pwm converter from a couple comparators... was way easier than I'd've thought, being so used to microcontrollers. So have been contemplating comparator-logic to handle some of the other timing-intricacies. E.g. index can't be tied directly to step when the write-gate is open. That... could be a problem requiring replacement of the original circuitry, which could be interesting in its own right (e.g. constant microstepping for spiral recording rather than concentric circles, spindle speed-control, etc....) but so far the idea is a plug-in that uses the original circuitry so any drive could do it... (otherwise... skip pwm altogether and record in analog! But... that was the original plan... long ago... so obviously plans change.)

    The use of pwm... hadn't really thought about it before, but it *can* be a discrete-time, infinite-sample-resolution (forget the official name) system... CDs being discrete time And discrete sample-resolution (44.1ksps, 16bits/sample) pwm could make for 44.1ksps with infinite sample resolution. There was a whole class before dft on the subject of the math behind that... which seemed weird 'cause I couldn't think of such a system. (Was that the difference between laplace and fourier?) Well, a decade later, here it is. Another example might be those bucket-brigade analog delay chips, also digital camera ccds... sample-and-hold circuits, and maybe vcrs? But... most of those are fed into an adc so the sample-resolution is discretized before stored. But storing pwm on a magnetic media wouldn't discretize the sample resolution. Huh.

    E.g. a floppy drive can reliably record at 500kbps (I think that's *transitions* rather than data bits, so with mfm would be 250k data-bits per second). Storing transitions any closer than that can cause the magnetized particles to repel each other, as I understand)

    A cd, in mono (one channel) is 44.1ksps * 16bits = 705kbps... too fast for a floppy, right? But the two transitions per pwm cycle is no more than 88.2ktps (t transitions)... so way less than the 500ktps limit. Then the only limitation being that both sides of the pulse have to be longer than 1/500000 sec... so bump a zero value to say 30% duty cycle and a 100% value to say 70% duty cycle... hmmmm...

    Taken that far... the sample rate/pwm-frequency could be much higher, as well... hmmm. A flip-flop might make for stereo... hmmm...

    Then, I suppose there's a limit to the positional resolution based on the size of magnetic particles, etc... but surely much much smaller than the 500ktps limit... similar, I suppose, to the "resolution" limit from film cameras, and grain size... (have we yet come up with enough megapixels  and megabytes to rival that?)

    (Heh, guess it's pretty obvious I turned down the heater a while back...)

    ...several flip-flops (a counter?) Could allow for interleaved samples such that the spindle could rotate several times on the same track... hmmm... so, say cycling through each track five times... that'd give one second per track, and 160 seconds per disk. Way more complicated playback system, and nearing the 500ktps limit... ...

  • light heating...

    esot.eric10/08/2017 at 06:32 9 comments

    I could be entirely making things up, here... some sorta placebo-effect, maybe...

    But it seems to me that using the originally-installed incandescents, rather than my LED-strings, causes a notable heat-improvement on these colder nights. A jacket and hoody was barely enough, earlier... and now I'm in the hoodie, with the sleeves pulled up.


    Regardless, I need to do *something* about the 99.998% water in my coolant-system before the freezing nights set in, right...? Don't want expanding-ice to expand in there...


    There was something I remembered in the realm of "unexpected drawbacks of '#vanlife'"... what was it...?

    Toilets, definitely a consideration... I'm about 1/2 mi from the nearest one... Now... lessay a dude like me might just want to spend a night drinking in his home... his van, where his cat lives... and let's not talk about the risks therein, and instead acknowledge the importance of *not* driving 1/2 mi to take a shit. (Let's briefly acknowledge the risk of having the engine running, to power the lights, the heating, and a show on the ol' lap-top...)

    Anyways... Let's acknowledge the inherent freedom of taking a leak on a tree... ... and the fact that there's basically little more than trees around... Well, that's all well-and-good in this season... I could probably pick the tree shading my home, and not have to think about it... But in the *other* season... the one that keeps poking its head in, every other day, or maybe even more... And let's acknowledge that peeing under that tree in that season will make living under that tree darn-near unbearable for days, maybe even weeks when that season is in full-force... And that's only discussing "Number 1"...

    So, choosing an appropriate location to relieve oneself is... important. And, well, the nearest toilet is easily 1/2 mile away... And... I dunno about most '#vanlife'ers... but I'm not the sort to have eaten much at fast-food joints previously... it's taking some time for my body to adjust to this new diet... And... Thus... being near a toilet has been somewhat important.

    So, here we are... What's'it...? an "8-minute mile" isn't uncommon, especially not sprinting... so... Yahknow... These are things a person needs to consider.

    Now, that brings us to "heads"... yahknow, toilets one can drag along with themselves... in their vans...

    And... yahknow... A person like me... The idea of carrying days (or weeks?) worth of *crap* everywhere I go is just... disgusting. (nevermind their taking a large amount of space, and probably not being too hill-friendly).

    Frankly, it took weeks to get OK with peeing in a container, as long as it's emptied the next day...

    Anyways, let's analyze this from another perspective...

    I've got a cat... Love of my life. No joke.

    I can't seem to convince her to do her business under a nearby bush... which'd be *significantly* different than my so-doing... I mean, folks' dogs do-so on a regular-basis... at least Number One. And Number Two... Well... Let's take a step in another direction... This is Goose-Season...

    The Canadian-South-Fliers are stopping 'round here, these days...

    And... Their crap... Is... Huge.

    Dang-near Human-Size... Easily Cat-Size.

    And... It's *everywhere*.

    Now, here I've a cat... Notorious for burying her shizzle... Certainly her pizzle...

    So, a cat-crap in a nearby bush... no biggie, right...?

    ... so why'd that be any different than a human-crap...?

    But it would.

    ... So... Here I am... peeing in a container... hoping the car-headlights passing-by don't show my predicament in a nice silhouette on my back curtains, a show for the car-livers behind me... and hoping I don't have to take a crap any time soon, yahknow, what do they say...? One hour per drink, to sober-up...? I'm finishing a six-pack... It'll be six hours... 5AM until I'm legally-sober-enough to drive a half-mile. So... what should I do...? Start walking...? Plan to use the litter-box, and definitely be silhouetted? (nevermind disposal!). Nearby bushes isn't...

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  • Needlewidth

    esot.eric09/26/2017 at 09:47 0 comments

    One hour of idling, while nearly maxing out my $25 inverter is about one Needlewidth in gas... I haven't explored this fully... e.g. I can run a 486 laptop with zero battery, a p4 laptop with a battery that lasts 15min, a kaypro, and two strings of LED "holiday festive lights" off this inverter that allegedly can only handle the p4... otoh, one string of led lights conks out when I've got all that going... at the moment I turn on the kaypro...

    So... yahknow. .. things don't work as I once understood... and sometimes that works in my favor... like the night I binge-watched a season of Breaking Bad and the gas tank barely depleted... I'm nowhere near Jewish, but I've a vague idea of the one night"s worth of oil that lasted 8 days... it seems regardless of how heavily I (over) load my cheapo inverter, an hour of use is about one needlewidth of gas... so something like 8 hours idling (and powering) is less than a quarter tank... 

    This... is something... 

    Always kinda figured using an idling engine as a generator to be a bit wasteful... and that may well be the case... that dedicated generators would be significantly more efficient... otoh... this is actually doable...

    And... currently... it's also producing heat... not through the (missing) heater core, but... the floor is warm... even Warm... close to hot. (Exhaust pipes?) Radiant floor heating in houses is darn near the epitome of living the high life... and here it is... a typically undesired side effect.

    Still... I dunno if it's enough for the colder nights... (and internal condensation?) AND I should put actual coolant in my system before the freezing temps come... so heater core replacement is still in the plans before the coolant replacement...

    Did some experiments with the duct work the other day... yep... soon after start, the vents smell pretty gnarly. But five or so minutes later it smells like... maybe metal. I think I can deal with that over exhaust or coolant.... doin alright...

    And the cat... oh man... you wouldn't believe me if I explained... let's just say that she is one amazingly cool cat. By far one of the best things in my life... some might take that statement as some sort of cry for help... but I'll suggest that folk don't often give enough credit to their pets... and I've been blessed to see it... just how smart she is... how well we understand each other.. the games we play... trust and devotion... limits pressed with claws and fangs never drawn... if that's merely instinct, then I'll take it over the absolute shit I've gotten from most alleged friends.

  • Esot.fud

    esot.eric09/26/2017 at 08:31 3 comments

    Esot.guac.. guacaesot?

    Because... who hasn't eaten nachos and thought: yahknow what'd make nachos even better...? Broccoli! 

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jlbrian7 wrote 04/20/2016 at 01:09 point

I still have your address, and half a mind to mail you a six pack.

  Are you sure? yes | no

esot.eric wrote 04/20/2016 at 03:01 point

Hah! That's a brilliant half-a-mind you have, there :) Thanks, yo!

  Are you sure? yes | no

esot.eric wrote 04/20/2016 at 03:21 point

Hey, you already succeeded in contributing toward a six-pack, just by liking! Thanks!

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davedarko wrote 04/19/2016 at 07:18 point

The like on this is a moral support like. At least for me. Your country can get weird :(

  Are you sure? yes | no

esot.eric wrote 04/20/2016 at 03:16 point

Danke Shen, DaveyD! Great help, that moral-support! 

Sometimes it's got its weirdnesses, probably has something to do with its youth. When I get to writing/posting "chapter 4" there will surely be a portion mentioning that the release-defender and the cell-block officer had hearty laughs while reading the police-report, saying they'd never even heard of someone jailed for it. I was foolish not accepting the course-of-action the police-officer tried *repeatedly* to recommend and for believing him to be exaggerating about jail as the only other option. So, obviously, it's not something they look to jail people for on a regular basis.

  Are you sure? yes | no

RoGeorge wrote 04/19/2016 at 06:19 point

Amazing story, please continue!

  Are you sure? yes | no

esot.eric wrote 04/20/2016 at 03:26 point

Haha, thanks. I'll continue writing the story, but I think I've had enough living of it for now ;)

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esot.eric wrote 04/21/2016 at 07:23 point

Hah, appropriate user-icon, as well :)

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Roman wrote 04/19/2016 at 02:49 point

I had no idea you could get a criminal record for that. I wonder what else could get you a black stain on your record. Weird.

  Are you sure? yes | no

esot.eric wrote 04/20/2016 at 03:25 point

I think the/a lesson is, when a cop is considerate enough to give a warning, one should listen to the cop... But I agree whole-heartedly, I'd been having nightmares and waking in cold-sweats/swears nearly every day since it happened, fearing exactly your concern.

  Are you sure? yes | no

cyplesma wrote 04/18/2016 at 16:33 point

1. I'm not a lawyer, 2. welcome to prison planet, but that is another web site.   3. constructively speaking do what you can to find a good lawyer, look for one who's parking lot is full not one that has an empty parking lot, their clients are in jail not out and about. If you are under 18 you'll have a hard time chatting with politicians about this, but try, and find someone to help, aclu maybe. spread the word on facebook even. go to the state police or even feds about it.

  Are you sure? yes | no

esot.eric wrote 04/20/2016 at 03:33 point

3 sounds like good advice I hadn't considered, the parking-lot thing is an interesting observation. I had to go the court-appointed route, due to finances... They're busy, understandably, but she's been very patient/helpful explaining things, etc.

As far as the rest, we'll start with this telling-of-the-tale and see where it goes. But you can bet the sum-total of such experiences have taken a toll on me that some might be able to place large monetary values on.

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cyplesma wrote 04/20/2016 at 16:28 point

I certainly understand, I got the parking lot observation from a college instructor who's day job is a lawyer, and this was back in '96.  Do your best not to take any deals, once you do that you will be treated as being guilty,  and you cannot appeal. There are some things you can get expunged from a record but that is a very short list and it is very expensive to do that as well. There are some legal websites where lawyers answer questions. I haven't have need of them but I know they are out there.

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Fernando wrote 04/18/2016 at 13:32 point

Yes, it reminded me the story of  Ahmed Mohamed ...

  Are you sure? yes | no

esot.eric wrote 04/18/2016 at 13:57 point

Judging by the utter terror I've experienced in my comparatively minor experiences with "The System" I have no doubt poor Ahmed, and many others, must've had horrendous absolutely horrendous experiences.

  Are you sure? yes | no

j0z0r pwn4tr0n wrote 04/18/2016 at 16:12 point

Reminds me of my own delinquency. I got charged with shoplifting because I saw some riding mower batteries being thrown out behind a store. When the police officer showed up, I didn't even try to run, I didn't think I was doing anything wrong. I plead guilty because I didn't have the money for a lawyer and couldn't afford to miss work for a lengthy court battle. I served 10 days in jail, did 40 hours of community service, 1 year of probation, had to attend a moral therapy class to tell me stealing was wrong, and I had to pay restitution. It still makes me angry to think about it, but I didn't have it as bad as most. And oh yeah, good luck getting a job whenever they see that shoplifting charge come back on the background check

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esot.eric wrote 04/18/2016 at 17:47 point


Maybe I should put an image of "trigger warning" on this page...

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esot.eric wrote 04/20/2016 at 03:57 point

rereading with a clearer head... 

yikes! "Moral therapy" sounds a bit oxymoronic to me, especially based on the overall punishment's moral-value as to suiting the alleged "crime".

Reminds me of... oh, I think I was six, and my dad's bank had just changed names and was disposing of a shitton of office-supplies with their old logo... Most of the stuff was brand-new and still sealed in shrink-wrap. It was literally spilling out of the dumpster in a huge pile in their parking-lot, so I said "hey, free office supplies!" and we picked out some three-ring binders and some other things... Next thing we know the manager comes out yelling "We're calling the cops!" and accusing us of stealing, etc... That was terrifying to a six-year-old.

Thanks for that reminder!

In this case, my court-appointed attorney (and nearly everyone I've talked to) made it very clear that if *nearly any* other option was available than pleading guilty, to accept it. It seems to me in a reasonable world I might've kept 10 people awake for 2 hours, so spending twenty hours in jail should've been more than enough punishment, in consideration of fairness/balance, so I figured a judge might think similarly, but my attorney informed me that A) the record/background-check job/rental applications thing is a big one, as many won't bother to ask/look into the details of why you have said-history (won't give the benefit-of-the-doubt), and B) the sentences, usually, contain requirements exactly like your "moral therapy" class... e.g. if alcohol is even alleged to be a consideration, then something like rehab is usually a requirement. Yikes.

Sounds like you're a considerate/fair/reasonable dude, so your expecting a considerate/fair/reasonable/comparable sentence seems entirely reasonable to me. Sucks people have to find out the hard way for basically little more than a misunderstanding. On the plus-side, I suppose for some, the graph isn't linear from our experience, otherwise joy-riding for a couple hours in a stranger's car would be a death-sentence. Utterly terrifying.

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Roman wrote 04/18/2016 at 13:10 point

It sounds like a beginning of a novel.

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