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True tales (Trigger Warning!)

esot.ericesot.eric 02/13/2018 at 07:278 Comments

...and... it's already falling apart, less than an hour later.

I'm definitely no aerodynamics expert... but I first tried a cone, tightly-wraped, and, well, it only kinda blowed. Then some experimentation led to the conclusion that most of the suckage comes from the *side*. Thus the boxy front 'mushroom' and surface-mount.

A little better.

suffice to say, the reinsert-connector-method failed almost immediately after the last log-entry.

Today, dug out the motor with every intention of soldering, to instead discover that it worked when starting from some positions, but not others. The commutator was badly corroded in some spots, badly worn in others, and copper shavings everywhere.

Did some filing and cleanup of the flecks inbetween... and it eventually worked *every* time. Actually marked all the starting-points I tried, until probably 40 roughly evenly-spaced all the way around. Perfect, really. And just enough time till sundown to put it all back together and bask in the warmth during sunset.

As soon as I finished a guy asked for a jump-start... turns out his starter was fried... smoke pouring out, and... inaccessible by the likes of me. So while watching sunset in warmth, counted my blessings, and stuck around while he waited for AAA.

Went for 'breakfast', finally, and the blowage decreased on the way until... nothing, by the time I had to open my window at the drive-through.

Thus, the 'mushroom' fan at my vent.

Also weird: when this first happened, I ran into an friend, car-liver, who on the same day became without heat... actually had an engine-fire. pretty gnarly, a several-day repair for the likes of car-dwellers, especially considering the new lack of mobility. But, looks like the damage is mostly limited to wiring, so hopefully things'll get running soon. Anyways, he's an elder gentleman, with elder-pains, in a car, not a van, so could probably benefit more from some 'good vibes' sent his way.

and the night prior, ran into another elder-homeless-friend, sans-car, who's lost more sleeping bags than he can count... so, I guess there's alotta folk who could benefit from warmer days.

as to the commutator; it would seem the brushes have worn down to the copper mounts, thus the shavings everywhere. It was luck, really, I was even able to see inside, let alone do some cleaning. There's a cooling-port on the side. But if it is the brushes, then accessing them (let alone finding replacements) would be quite difficult...

There's talk of a junkyard trip for the engine that caught fire, so might have to do the same for my blower, and maybe my rear window.


Morning.Star wrote 02/14/2018 at 05:47 point

Oh man, I've seen that so many times in vacuum cleaner and washing machine motors, the brushes wear out and the mounting plate grinds the commutator away. I'm surprised it wasnt all burned up in there, that was lucky.

Lol Mark that was my first thought too.

Uhhh is that cardboard I see there? Muahahah, that was inevitable. XD

All the best my friend, I hope you find a replacement soon. The tentacles are crossed. ;-)

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esot.eric wrote 02/16/2018 at 00:07 point

it was pretty gnarly, but no sign of smoke... some really weird grindage that I want to explore further...

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Morning.Star wrote 02/16/2018 at 18:13 point

Yeah, I'd be interested. There shouldnt be anything able to touch the commutator but for the brush surface, it could have come astray, or the arm/mount grounded out on it. Unless there's a foreign object gone in there, like a bolt or something metal yeah, weird grindage is a good description. :-D

Best of luck with the forensics :-)

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esot.eric wrote 02/18/2018 at 04:33 point

haven't yet explored the old motor again, but the commutator damage was pretty severe, as you said... maybe the tree-fall had some effect.., maybe the brush cracked or something. Ve shall see.

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Dr. Cockroach wrote 02/13/2018 at 09:41 point

That kind of reminds me of Apollo 13 with the CO2 filters taped to the blower vents in the spacecraft. You do what you need to :-) Yeah, a Pick-n-Pull junk yard would have something that would work  that you can use. Take care :-)

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esot.eric wrote 02/16/2018 at 00:05 point

i need to rewatch that! Thanks for the movie idea, have been overwatching my collection.

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Dr. Cockroach wrote 02/16/2018 at 00:52 point

Yeah, we tend to watch the same dvds all the time ( don't have tv or cable here ) so need to dust off the tape vcr and run it :-)

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esot.eric wrote 02/16/2018 at 04:06 point

heh, I *finally* parted with my vhs... in june... and not exactly by choice

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