The Re-Assemble

A project log for Invisible

A public art campaign inspiring people to share the differences that separate us, increasing social awareness and strengthening community.

Kate ReedKate Reed 06/23/2016 at 21:570 Comments

I am wiser now. With the broken pieces re-cut, I know how to safely assemble the sculpture so that it won’t break. Back over a rug, we assembled the sculpture in half the time. This time around I am not taking any chances and I’m epoxy-ing each joint immediately after assembly. Because the entire sculpture is transparent, it’s very hard to tell where your hands are within the sculpture. As I glue, all the layers of acrylic blend in front of my eyes. What a nightmare.

I need the sculpture to remain as clean as possible- to keep its invisibleness, which makes the gluing very stressful. I’m using toothpicks and match sticks in an attempt to have the smallest glue footprint as possible. I keep thinking I have the glue in the right place, only to find my hand on a completely different layer than where I thought it was because I can’t see where I'm going. It’s a bit comical. In the gluing process I broke one more vertical support, but luckily it was one that I hadn’t glued into place yet. I glued every support except that one, so that I could switch out that support.