Using wearable devices, we can monitor and collect data on any type of exercise, whether running, lifting, or a casual stroll. By collecting data on a persons movement, our embedded microcontroller can provide feedback either visually or textually through an app.


  • Realtime visual feedback when performing exercise routines
  • Latent data collection for the use of exercise information, improvement, and workout analysis
  • IoT connected wearble devices that can communicate data and information to partners or workout companions. Workouts can be performed together with friends without having them to be in the same location


  • LEDs on the arms or legs can provide visual cues on whether your workout is being performed adequately. For example, when doing jumping jacks, the accelerator on the microcontroller can monitor the speed and height of your jump, assessing whether the repetition was performed adequately.
  • Likewise, these LED can provide cues when neighboring workout partners are in the area or performing similar exercises. A combination of LED effects and colors can tell you whether your partner is under or out-performing you, incentivizing greater effort during your workout.
  • Likewise, data can be streamed and compared with a variety of users and friends, building a cohesive workout community around the world.