The case is made of 3.5mm acrylic which has been spray painted black on the inside to give a black glass look. The amplifier is one of sparkfun's STA540 amplifier kits. The two potentiometers have been replaced by MCP-4131 10k digital potentiometers that are connected to an arduino uno. The Uno is also connected to a MPR121 capacitive touch brakeout board. when a touch event is detected on the capacitive electrodes the digital potentiometer's resistance is increased or decreased accordingly which in turn increases or decreases the volume. A vibrating motor is also connected to the arduino just under the two touch sensitive nuts and gives tactile feedback when a nut as been touched. The Led strip is RGB and is also connected to the arduino through two mosfets. It simply blinks blue when the volume is at its minimum value and it blinks red when the volume is at its maximum value.