Quantity   Component name
1 × Heated Isostatic Press Method for compressing substrates to 3000 PSI@ 70 degrees C
1 × Ceramic Furnace capable of reaching 850 degrees C Dental furnaces seem to work well
1 × Precision Screen printer Registration needs to be about 1 mil or better, with screens of 350 lines/inch
1 × Precision via punch or laser cost is the inverse of via size!
1 × Tape stacking fixtures Alignment of the layers ultimately define the minimum line width and via size
1 × Multiple vacuum pickups and hold downs. No hands allowed to handle tape.
1 × Precision CNC machine with vacuum table, tool head capable of holding heavy tools assemblies
1 × Drying chambers Inked tape must be dried before stacking
1 × Vertical storage racks Screens are best stored vertically to avoid damage
1 × Hydraulic pump