Smart Forest

Give each tree a legal voice to fight deforestation- #blockchain #DAO

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A biomimicry/technology answer to tackle a specific issue: Deforestation.
Give each tree a legal voice -> an app allows activists to hash trees with a unique ID connected to its geolocalisation in the blockchain. Eventually, each tree is connected to the smart forest via the DAO and the only way to cut a tree is to make a monetary proposal to the DAO (a mix of trees and activists making decision based on the smart contract rules) the Smart Forest is the DAO, all the virtual payment are going straight to the DAO's wallet. There is no more middle men - and the Forest grows as a real legal entity capable of defending itself with the help of local communities and geeks around the world.

This is an artistic elucubration, for real tech answers to deforestation check out this cool also if you like this projetc and want to help make it real, get in touch!

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