Do you enjoy using a whiteboard to brainstorm ideas, solve problems, teach, but hate that when you eventually erase it, that content is gone forever?

There are Smartboard products as well as touchscreen computers that can help with this problem by digitalizing your writing on their special screen but these solutions are both expensive & do not feel as smooth & convenient as a whiteboard.

This is where WitEboard comes in. With this simple add on package, your ordinary whiteboard can now be digitalized enabling you to save, share, edit, & stream your whiteboard sessions.

WitEboard utilizes an array of ultrasonic sensors, embedded in two sensor bars that you mount on the top & left side of the board, as well as special marker sleeves that turn your marker into an ultrasonic beacon. While you write, your marker emits an ultrasonic beacon which is then triangulated using the sensors in the sensor bars. These points are stored on an embedded computer which hosts a web interface from which you can download the whiteboard captures. Audio is also captured via a microphone in the sensor bar, allowing you to make streams of your whiteboard writing accompanied by your audio track.