Hearing Assistance Through Triangulation

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Functionally deaf people can hear in a limited capacity. Sometimes just from one ear. A common problem is that they have a hard time discerning where a sudden and loud sound event, like a crash or a bang, is coming from. This can be frustrating and potentially dangerous.

Wearable tech that assists in identifying where a loud sound event is coming from.

How It Works:
HATT is a wearable device in the form of, well, a hat. A band on the inside of the crown contains three microphones for sound triangulation and six small vibe motors for directional nudges. Everything is controlled by an small Arduino powered by a rechargeable LiPo battery. The three microphones continually monitor sound waiting for any event that surpasses a predetermined dB threshold. Once a sound is triangulated one of six vibe motors nearest to the noise alerts the wearer in the approximate direction of the sound event.

BOM (mics, motors, Arduino, battery) and code comply with open source.
  • 3 × Microphone Electret microphone
  • 6 × Motor Coin (pancake) vibration motor
  • 1 × Arduino Any flavour of small Aduino (trinket, teensy, flora)
  • 1 × Battery 3.7V Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery

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