Maslow CNC Router

A 4'x8' CNC router for ~$500, build big open stuff!

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Maslow CNC is a new imagining of how a CNC router can work. It's completely open source and driven by our community. Maslow is still very much an experimental work in progress, but we've got a community of hundreds of machines around the world building amazing things. We've seen tiny houses, boats, and a whole lot of chairs come off of our machine. We think it's the future of building big things.

The problem we are try to solve is the problem of translating digital files (which allow collaboration and sharing) into physical objects which meet our most basic needs. We believe that by working together we can design and build a smarter and more efficient world, and that an fordable machine to is the missing component.

Our website has more information and come say hello in our forums

I always wanted a big 4'x8' CNC router, but without the space or the money for one that seemed like a pipe dream. The things I wanted to build were always big (boats, airplanes, houses...etc) and the desktop machines just weren't what I I built Maslow

Maslow is completely open source. You can download the firmware (gpl), control software(gpl), CAD files (creative commons), and PCB files (creative commons) from our github repository at

GroundControl-Windows.Portable.v1.11 (1).zip

Ground Control (our machine control software) version 1.11 for Windows. The source code is also available and runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux machines

x-zip-compressed - 25.51 MB - 04/11/2018 at 21:36


Version 1.11 of the Maslow CNC firmware. We release a new version every two weeks so check back often for updates

x-zip-compressed - 1.03 MB - 04/11/2018 at 21:35


  • 3 × XH-Series Connectors 455-2271-ND, J1-3 in schematic
  • 1 × Power Jack CP-202BH-ND, J1 in schematic
  • 4 × 1x8 .1" headers 732-5321-ND, J5-8 in schematic
  • 2 × 2x2 .1" headers 952-2119-ND, J9,10 in schematic

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    The Maslow CNC Assembly Guide

    Our assembly guide is a series of Wiki pages allowing anyone in the community to refine and edit each step. 

    Links to each step in the assembly process can be found at:

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