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Simple Oven for Blowing Bubble Canopies from Acrylic Sheet.

Michael Barton-SweeneyMichael Barton-Sweeney 03/31/2018 at 02:260 Comments

For future ovens, I’d like to automate the process more, so that I can be in the studio focusing on other work while the plastic is being blown. The main modification would be to separate the functions of the lid. I would like to build a separate pressure chamber for blowing the plastic sheet that I put inside of the oven, instead of having the lid do that.

The main goal would be to make the plastic easier to load and unload. I would probably want to use threaded rod instead of clamps, and use a drill/driver to tighten and loosen it. Alternatively, I could use large springs and latches to secure the plastic.

I’d also like to build the oven out of metal and make it more versatile and larger. I would base my new oven off of this one used for powder-coating. It uses steel sheet, steel studs and rivets to build the body of the oven.

One big benefit of making a more automated oven, would be to improve the annealing process, so it can run overnight.