BiciTrack is a lamp for bikes that communicates with your cellphone generating system logging and bike tracing and promotes bicycle transportation in cities. The system helps cyclists potential and routine transit through safe routes and to locate stolen bikes.

BiciTrack consists of two subsystems, the tracking system and the virtual platform. The tracking system allows the location of the bike through a GPS module, this information to a local server communicates through the free WiFi networks installed in some areas of the city, if you can not connect to a network, it will store the data in memory and retained until you can connect again. In addition the system can detect bicycles with the same system go through its range (approximately 10 meters) and it will share information about their profile, the routes and their characteristics, prior authorization, or let us know if bike has been reported stolen.

The whole tracking system is embedded within a lamp gadget, which varies it intensity depending on the lighting conditions in the environment. The gadget has LEDs that indicate the status of the WiFi and when you cross bicycles that have the same system.

The gadget has two parts, the lamp with the tracking system and the adapter to the handlebar tube. These pieces are joined through a lock.

The virtual platform works as a social network among cyclists who have the gadget. In that network users can share information on their profiles, their tastes, routes that frequent, knowledge concerning the world of cycling and bicycle theft report. This in order to create safer routes for cyclists, create risk maps for theft and road accidents, as well as promote the use of bicycles in group under users frequenting routes. With this information is intended to promote the creation of better public policies for the use of this means of transport.

Such virtual platform will be available for mobile devices for users who have a Smartphone.

Some additional features of the system:

  • Tracking system by trusted people. Through the virtual platform one or several people can monitor the path of a cyclist, with his permission.
  • Game and challenges that require the use of the bicycle. Through tracking system, games are organized, where score the number of kilometers or challenges that require follow a defined path, where the user can unlock virtual items to customize his account profile according with his punctuation.
  • Recreational group rides. Through network users can organize walks in different sectors of the city according to their topics in common, such as: museums, parks, etc.